1.    Imagine yourself feeling confident, walk confidently, and you’ll start to feel it

2.    Before your race/event spend time mentally preparing yourself, consider what helps you feel positive and do that, imagine yourself achieving what it is you’re aiming for (whether that is just finishing a race, or whether it’s finishing in a certain time, or placing in the top 10, etc.)

3.    When you start to think negatively (“I can’t do this”) have a mantra ready you say to yourself, e.g. “keep moving’, “I can, I will!, “I know I can do this!”

4.    If you are anxious about something then face your fears. Take control back and do not allow anxiety to dictate your life

5.    After an event ask yourself what went well, and why it went well, and what didn’t go so well and why that was. Then learn from these reflections


Have you got any gems to add to these? Leave a comment and let me know.