Today I met with Dylan of Cycle Specific in Cross Hands - a new cycling coaching business that specialises in the scientific approach to helping you gain those marginal gains and maximising your performance. 

I was really impressed with the set-up, a group space for cycle classes on their top of the range wattbikes, and if you've never tried a wattbike then you really are missing out on heaps of data that can really make a difference to your training, and ultimately your racing! Dylan also has a specialist coaching set up where he can work with you 1:1, look at your nutrition and body composition, and then tailor make a plan to meet your needs, within the time-frame that you have to dedicate to training. That's what is really important, treating everyone as an individual, and recognising that everyone has different commitments in their lives, has different needs in terms of  sleep, recovery, nutrition, and also thinks about themselves and what they do very differently. That's where I come in!

The power of the mind is often overlooked yet people keep asking themselves why they are not performing to the levels they reach in training. From the outset of my meeting with Dylan I was impressed by his enthusiasm for psychology, recognising that how we think can make or break our performance. I was really excited when Dylan said that he wanted me on board with his venture, to ensure that his clients are getting a holistic package for becoming the best cyclist they can be, or achieving that goal they have set themselves on the bike, whether that's riding in a local sportive, or cycling from Lands End to John O'Groats, to cycling in the alps up the epic climbs of the Tour de France!

So now the fun the next couple of weeks I'll be running an introductory workshop within the Cycle Specific hub which will highlight the importance of attending to the mental side of cycling and training, the same as we attend to our nutrition, our body by having massages, and our overall performance by having coaching. 

If you want to know more about Cycle Specific then look them up on Facebook or twitter @Cycle_Specific, and if you want to know more about training your mind then please get in touch!