What motivates me is helping people. I really enjoy helping others, for no gain of my own, other than the satisfaction that I have made that person's life easier, or more fulfilling, by helping them in some way, however small. 

I am so passionate about empowering others. Empowering them to be the best they can be. Empowering others by building them up perhaps where others have knocked them down. Empowering others by helping them realise that life can be different, they just have to realise that and accept things need to change. 

A lot of people seem to believe that psychology is only something you pay attention to if you have a problem, a mental health issue. What about the psychology behind empowering others, helping them boost their self-belief, helping them realise that with the right goals, and the right motivation and dedication that the sky is the limit?

Positive psychology is something I really buy into...shifting the focus away from what is negative and problem focused, to looking at what is going well, what does give you satisfaction, what does give you some happiness. Then looking to build on this. 

Too often we tend to look backwards, at what has happened, at what the problem is, and what lies in our way. Instead, try looking at the here and now, even the smallest thing can be seen as a positive - the fact that it's raining and it waters my garden, or that there is a stunning sunset...

Ultimately, how we think about things has a huge bearing on our lives. Therefore, psychology is for everyone, you just need to learn the tricks of the trade and use it to your advantage!