Well Thursday 18th June 2015 was when I finally started to fulfil my dream of helping others in the sporting field through group workshops.

Having started working with Cycle Specific only a few weeks ago this was a test of my skills to prepare a workshop that captured the audience's attention and gave them enough information that they went away after 90 minutes enthused and informed. As this was an "introduction to performance psychology" it was a whistle stop tour of the main topics.

Some of the topics included looking at what is peak performance and the psychological characteristics involved in performing to your full potential. We looked at the R's model as a way of gaining control over a situation and refocusing and regaining composure when the going gets tough. We looked at areas that psychology can help with in performance with the psychological skills of imagery, goal setting, self-talk and mindfulness all proving a popular topic.  

I was impressed that a group of 20 were all in attendance, from aspiring ironmen/women to youngsters making their way through the junior ranks of cycling. Nods of heads and good engagement in the exercises I set filled me with confidence that I was hitting the nail on the spot. 

I am always open to constructive criticism but the feedback I have had has all been positive with someone messaging me today to say they used some of the strategies learned in a race they did yesterday and how successful they were! What better feedback than that!

So, here is to future workshops, tailored to suit the needs of the customers and here is to people realising just how important training their mind is to the outcome of their training/racing!