Do you ever consider the impact of life factors on your performance in training or racing? The type of job you do, and the hours you work no doubt have an impact on your energy levels, and maybe your motivation levels. Your nutrition during work is going to have a big bearing on those energy levels also. If you're constantly on the go and hardly get a chance to sit down are you getting enough fluids in, let alone the right food?

What about family commitments? The school run with the kids, or early morning wake up calls with young babies/children...maybe you don't have these commitments but you still sleep poorly? Maybe you have sick relatives you care for that requires a lot of your spare time? All these factors are going to have a bearing on your training. 

With this in mind it's important to make time for yourself to rest and recover, whilst also ensuring your training plan suits the realistic time you have available, not the time you ideally would have available.

Don't be afraid to reach out and ask for help in managing this work/life/training balance, whilst also giving you a space to offload, gain a fresh perspective, in a non-judgmental and supportive environment.