Every one is an individual and therefore it's important to find out what suits that person in helping them realise their potential. I often find that sometimes people are so busy living in their heads with hectic and stressful lives that they overlook the key components that have led to success before. That's where having someone to speak to who can see things objectively and help you identify what works for you, or what hasn't yet been tried, can be really successful in quite a short space of time.

I had a new client who was lacking in motivation and when we looked at their success previously it had been when the client had a plan for their training so they knew what they were doing in training sessions and that helped them focus on each session rather than letting their mind drift to thinking negatively. Having a plan also helped them fit in all their sessions in a structure that was flexible around their working hours. Without a structured plan this client's motivation had waned and they were struggling to know why. 

Through listening to the client and identifying what had worked previously, the client returned the following week having gotten out old training plans, having written a plan to work to in training, and had also recognised some other key training sessions that might be deemed supplementary, but for this client helped them feel at their most confident and centred. The client I saw in that second session was a whole lot more positive and focused on their training. To me, that's the sign of a success story in the making...empowering the client to recognise what works for them and then sit back and watch them become the athlete they want to be.