The autumn is here and in many sports that means end of race season, or a change in focus from trying to get a personal best result, to more racing whilst training hard and trying to make gains. In "winter sports" then you're just getting cracking. Therefore, there is never a "right" time to start working on how your head helps/hinders you, as it's important to train this vital organ all year round!

That being said, if you have been racing, or already had some games under your belt this new season, you might have recognised areas that need work that aren't purely physical in nature. If you've trained as well as you possibly could have but you are overcome with nerves on the morning of your performance to the point that you can't fuel right and it affects your performance who do you turn to to help with this? If during a performance you get flustered by something that happens and then lose focus so that you aren't able to perform to your full potential for the remainder of that race/match how do you prevent this from happening in the future? If during your performance those negative thoughts start playing like a broken record in your head how do you stop them? Or are you not able to and therefore your performance suffers as a result?

Seeking guidance from a psychologist is something that everyone can benefit from. Hell, i'm a psychologist and i use myself all the time! I was running the other night, doing fartlek intervals having not done any speed work for many months due to injury rehab, and it was starting to get tough. What did i do? Did i say to myself, "this is too hard i can't keep it up"? Or, did i use psychology to focus on the next object i wanted to get to, and then the next, and embraced the pain and kept going, finishing strongly? If you are going to turn to a psychologist then why not turn to one who has lived and breathed what she speaks?

Don't let someone else get an advantage on you by addressing these things, training their brain regularly during training and for races, and you be left behind performance wise because you neglect this aspect of your game. See it as looking at your technique, or your nutrition, but then consider that without your brain you wouldn't have considered changing technique or how to implement new technique, or to change your diet and stick to a new plan. Psychology can help in all of these areas yet people don't seem to pay attention to it. 

As you can tell i'm passionate about what i do. Let me help you achieve your full potential, rather than continuing to be frustrated by not achieving what you set out to...