I pride myself on listening to the needs of my clients, so their feedback is really important to me. Here's what a few of them have said:

"What you have helped me achieve in such a short space of time is beyond remarkable. Thank you so much. I used ACT & self talk and managed my personal target of sub 5.30.

Thank you so much."

Martin,  having just completed his first marathon & longest run to date

"I learned with Dr Griffiths' help that I actually had all of the answers…I just hadn't been asking myself the correct questions.

So did working with Dr G make me a BETTER CLIMBER…YES…MUCH BETTER"

Joe Gallacher, 54, Climber


"Hayley is a great role model as she has gone through a lot of mental and physical improvement herself and had to work hard to get herself to GB age grouper triathlete level.

She understands the frustration caused by injury and has offered me advice on pain management and relaxation techniques previously"

Rachel W, 23, Beginner Triathlete


To enhance your performance, just get in touch. Drop me a line at hayley@youcanyouwill.co.uk.